While classic car values continue to support a solid investment portfolio, their biggest appeal beyond stocks and bonds is the ability to not only appreciate their fine looks, but to really use and enjoy them – an experience that virtual portfolio will just never realise.
The announcement of GT Classic for 2019 could present that incredible experience to really enjoy your classic car over some of the best race tracks and scenic roads South Africa has to offer next year.

Organised by UK-based Speedstream Events, next year’s GT Classic comes on the heels of the South African Historic Grand Prix Festival that will host some 20 pre-war grand prix cars from around the world in the Eastern and Western Cape in November and December this year.
GT Classic will cater for road legal Sports and Sports Racing Cars built between 1950 and 1975. Modelled on international events rising in popularity as classic car owners look for outlets to exercise their cars, the event promises to be an epic international adventure spanning nearly 3,000km of South Africa’s best roads, race tracks, and scenery over eight days.

The part-race, part-Time Trial, part-tour style event will comprise two sections: one for those intent on the touring experience; the other for the more competition minded participant wanting to exercise their classic a little harder. Limited spaces will be filled by international and local entries, promising an eclectic mix of cars from a golden era of sports and GT cars.

A vast and often untouched land, South Africa is a place full of contrast and diversity both in its landscapes, people, food and culture: the idyllic setting for like-minded enthusiasts to enjoy some spirited driving and good camaraderie in some classic machinery. Underlining this adventure will be some superb hotels and magnificent food and wines – the kind of hospitality South Africa has become famous for.
Running from 1 to 9 November 2019, the event will start in Johannesburg and wind its way down to Cape Town over eight days of classic bliss.

For more information, contact the organisers on, or visit or on Facebook at GT Classic.

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